This is day 4 of my latest marketing venture. Tomorrow there will be a regular blog post and then next week I revert back to my normal blogging schedule here. If you’ve seen the first three posts you know what this is all about. If not, I share with you yesterday’s post, where I talked […]

This is day 3 of my new marketing plan for the week. I’m only doing this type of thing for this week, where I have a blog post every day. That’s because of what I’m trying to push for the moment; Friday goes back to a normal type of post and then I plan on […]

Last Wednesday I went to my very first podiatrist appointment. I went mainly because I’m diabetic and my doctor thought it was time for me to have my feet looked at. I also went because I’d finally decided to own up to the fact that my feet have tingled a little bit over the past […]

This is a different type of blog post that’s highlighting some different kinds of blog posts that are coming over the next six evenings. On my other blog last week I highlighted all of the products I’ve created for all the businesses I do. It’s possible that I’ve written about a product here and there […]

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