Back on February 28th, I wrote a blog entry on a columnist for Asian Week and his article entitled “Why I Hate Blacks”. At that time, I also inserted my name in an online petition to get this guy fired (no, I’m not saying his name again). I rarely sign petitions, but this one just […]

It would seem that common sense left the building this week as it concerns the weekly newspaper AsianWeek, and it’s made national news. One of their contributing writers, a man named Kenneth Eng, wrote an article called “Why I Hate Blacks”. It wasn’t a long article, but it was powerful, though in a negative way. […]

Talk about being dismayed. I had always seen December as the season where people pull together the most and forget about the differences that their lives have, for the most part. Then I come across this story on CNN about the Tufts University student newspaper printing a parody of O Come All Ye Faithful, instead […]

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