Talk about being dismayed. I had always seen December as the season where people pull together the most and forget about the differences that their lives have, for the most part. Then I come across this story on CNN about the Tufts University student newspaper printing a parody of O Come All Ye Faithful, instead calling it "O Come All Ye Black Folk". The editors say they were complaining about affirmative action programs that allow some minority students to come to college where they might not have had an opportunity before, but acknowledged, after the furor, that they may have gone too far. And they also assert that their rights to freedom of speech are paramount over anything else.

On the same site, there was this story by Lou Dobbs decrying the "fact" that there's too much political correctness, basing his complaint on the story that came about the airport in Seattle that pulled its Christmas trees because one of its Jewish customers objected to their being no Jewish holiday symbols around.

Since I'm not reading it anywhere else, I guess it's got to come from me. Majority,... you've got to wake up. Unfortunately, it's not always about you. Yeah, you get to throw your weight around and pick and choose which little nugget you're going to give to the minorities in this country, no matter who they might be, but when you finally decide you don't want to deal with it anymore, you do or say something stupid, only to dole out a false and weak sounding apology later on. Your intolerance has got to stop.

Here's a fact, America; the country is changing. Supposedly, based on estimates by the Census Bureau, the majority as a whole is going to become a minority, in a sense, some time within the next 30 years. By the end of this century, the majority could be a true minority. At that point, will you still be spouting all this stuff about freedom of speech and the right to be apolitically correct when you're going to be fighting for your own rights to do and exist the same as everyone else?

This is why racism will never go away. Most people would rather look at how someone else is taking something away from them, rather than just concentrating on trying to get by on their own. It's always someone else's fault, right? Well, sometimes it really is; this time, it's not.