Yup, we're near the end of another Black History Month. I haven't heard much about the month locally or pretty much anywhere else. However, TV always seems to produce some pretty good things, and I'm not talking about ESPN's Content of Character series, which they actually ran in January.

I watched many perspective of black soldiers in all of the major wars. Each time they acquitted themselves magnificently, gaining lots of accolades but no honors; not a single black soldier received any honors from World War II. One man in particular, Ruben Rivers, exhibited extreme courage, saved a lot of lives while losing his, and was awarded the Medal of Honor... 52 years later by President Clinton, along with the 761st Tank Battalion receiving the Presidential Unit Citation. Oh, the Buffalo Soldiers of World War I didn't receive any awards until President Carter gave them notice; isn't that a shame?

I watched some perspectives of entertainers and the things they had to go through early last century; actually, into the 1960's, having to go in through back doors, not being able to stay in certain hotels or eat in certain restaurants, and some of the roles they had to play to make a living in movies and TV. And some wondered about my post talking about Black History a couple of weeks ago.

The funny thing is that the overwhelming majority of folks that gave their stories weren't bitter. In their minds, it was what it was and they still had a job to do. In their minds, they were either protecting their own at home or helping the next generation have it better than they did. Of course, Dick Gregory was bitter; one wouldn't expect anything less from him. Even angry, this is a funny man.

So, some folks did some things this month, and some had something to say. I leave you with a few videos from some of those folks who at least had the opportunity to contribute something to the month, as well as a link to some things you might not have known about Black History Month; enjoy.