I don't know why I'm so amazed. After all, my wife has always told me that she doesn't want to be responsible for anyone but herself when it comes to the work she does. I have seen her teach and help people in many different ways, and always thought that she would be a great leader in any job where she decided that's what she wanted to be. But over the years I have learned not to bring it up to her, although when I hear her complaining about moves that someone she reports to has done that she doesn't like I'll always remind her that she could've been in charge. In my opinion it does no good to complain about something if you're not in a position to change it.

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Having said that, I was recently surprised by an answer I received from a bunch of young people on this topic. I was so surprised that I decided to do the video below to cover the topic better. I've always acknowledged because of my wife that some people aren't meant to be leaders. However it never really occurred to me that people who were probably qualified to be leaders, especially young people, would be thinking so far ahead that they decided for other reasons not to be leaders.

This doesn't necessarily mean that they won't take a shot at independent work later on, and yet some of them already feel trapped in the jobs they already have that they think they're never going to be able to do anything else except that specific kind of work.

Why is this an important issue? Because we've always talked about the dearth of new leaders and who's going to run corporations and the country as some of us get older. We also lament that sometimes the people who want to be leaders aren't the people we want as leaders. If it's turning out that the people who are qualified to be leaders don't want the job, I see this as detrimental to society across the board. And yet it's something to think about and address, which I do in the video below: