Sometimes I create products, just like I've written books. Titles aren't my strong suit, but I can get the job done. In this case I'd like to bring attention to a product I created many years ago that I only tried marketing once, back in 2006. It can be a very valuable tool for those in a position to hire or evaluate new managers, as well as set the criteria for evaluating employees.

Mitchell Evaluation Module

It's called the Mitchell Manager Evaluation Module; catchy title, right? I created and tested this tool in 2003, with the intention of not only evaluating and hiring managers and employees but being able to rank the criteria so that the type of people hired are what's believed is needed for the job.

I got feedback from the first company that purchased one after giving them a discount after they'd already bought it. I was told that initially it was hard because deciding what they wanted in a leader was something they hadn't thought much about initially, but were pleased that it helped them find the person they really wanted.

There are 3 different skill sets for evaluation: technical skills, social skills and extras. Some skills are only for current employees, while others could be for anyone. For instance, one of the technical skills is accuracy, something that would be impossible to evaluate with someone from the outside.

There are 22 technical skills, 17 social skills and 9 extra skills. The purpose is to go through all of them and select 10 that end up being the criteria that defines your most crucial need in the position. They'll change depending on whether you're evaluating a current employee or looking to bring someone in. They'll also change every time you're looking to hire someone new, with the intention that when an employee leaves you determine what skills they had or didn't have that you hope to obtain.

There are multiple sheets to use in determining the position you want to evaluate.

The first sheet is called the Position Evaluation Form. There's 5 questions to answer regarding the position, whether you're looking to evaluate, promote or hire, which helps to focus on the next step.

The second sheet is the Pre-Review Evaluation Form One. All 48 criteria are listed and there are two columns; yes and no. For most people only one column will do, but sometimes a reviewer might want to think about a criteria more deeply before making a decision.

The third sheet is the Pre-Review Evaluation Form Two. This is where all the criteria selected with a yes (or yes and no) are written down, then whittled down to the top 10. The other criteria listed determines the skills needed now, the skills you hope the employee already has, the the skills you're willing to train the employee on.

The final sheet is the Mail Evaluation Form. This is where you list the final 10 you've selected and use it to evaluate your employees on a 5-point scale.

The best part of this module is it can be used over and over. Make copies of all the original evaluation sheets up front and you're good to go.

If you're interested in seeing parts of the module up front, click on About under my image above to the right where my email address is listed and send me a request. I'll send you 5 pages from the module in pdf form so you can get a small taste of what's contained in it.

If you're ready to purchase, just click on this link and it'll take you to the product page. If you're looking to purchase more than 3, I'll offer a discounted price, which we'll discuss via email.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to promote one of my products; I don't do it often, and I felt it was time to revisit it again... after 13 years! 😉