Have you ever worked with someone who was in charge of a project, yet whenever you asked them what needed to be done they couldn't tell you? Even after countless meetings there was no progress, no moving forward, and you got frustrated because you just wanted to get things done?

vassilis galopoulos
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Or maybe it was you who was supposed to make a decision, yet you just couldn't pull the trigger on something for whatever reason you could come up with? Once again, you're frustrated, but you know it's on you.

The video below not only tells a story, but I show my book Embrace The Lead, which sits behind me in every video I do from my home office and, possibly, people were wondering what that was behind me. The story is in the book and highlights why leaders need to learn how to make decisions.

I don't want to say too much because I hope you watch the video, which is relatively short, but I can say that I've been in the position of having to make a decision and not being able to do so at times. I can also say that I'm pretty lucky in that it's not a common thing with me. I figure I'll find out one way or another by trying something new; we're all in this world to live and have some fun, right?

Enough of that; the video is below: