At this point, we all know what's going on. In Massachusetts, the populace voted in a Republican to fill the seat of Senator Kennedy, and that effectively ended the Democratic block that could force a health care bill upon the masses without Republican support.

I think everyone pretty much knew at that point that the health care bill that was in Congress was effectively over. When Rep. Nancy Pelosi came out the next day and said that there was no way the House was going to support the bill the Senate had come up with, that pretty much effectively ended all discussions about the health care bill. At least the bill in its present form, because the President still wants Congress to talk about it and to give him something he can sign.

I think I've indicated my thoughts on health care, but if I haven't, let me reiterate it here. I want there to be health care coverage for everyone. I've also said that I'm not sure if the government knows how to get it done correctly. I did define for people what the difference was between single payor and public option. I griped when I heard some people could be fined if they didn't sign up for health care. I talked about some fears I had regarding a health care bill. I talked to a politician about my thoughts on health care. I even gave my own idea for how one might think about having some kind of health care bill.

I feel like most of the time I was speaking out against a health care bill. That's not quite accurate. I was speaking out against this one, however. In my mind, the idea isn't to have a health care bill that's still going to hurt people in some fashion. It doesn't do much good if a health care bill is going to cost people who can't afford it to have to pay some kind of penalty. That was the point of the bill in the first place. I didn't like how the bill defined all small businesses as having less than 50 employees when determining who would be exempt from some of the rules of the bill, but then altering the rules for the construction industry by making it 5 employees or less. That's one of the main industries that could help stimulate the economy, but singling out any industry from another just didn't seem fair.

And finally, I think the bill ended up costing too much, and it didn't go into effect for 4 more years what's that about? I still believe a combination of one of my ideas as it pertains to FQHC's and the recommendation from one of my health care friends could be the way to go. Everyone ends up being covered, the cost would come down, and everyone would finally be covered. But I guess that's too easy as compared to a 2,400 page health care plan created by Congress; shameful.

At this point, I'm not confident that anything will get done in President Obama's first four years, and unless there comes a Republican savior at some point it won't get done in his second term, or ever. It needs to, though; let's hope some group comes together and comes up with a plan that takes care of everyone, that doesn't cost the middle class any money, that doesn't hurt the budget, and brings the United States in line with every other country in the world except Italy.