A couple of days ago, when my wife left for work, she had a funny feeling and decided to lock all the doors before she left. The thing is that I was still home, even though I was asleep, and usually she wouldn't have locked the garage door. When I asked her about it later, she said she just had this feeling that maybe it was something she should do.

Tuesday night, I was talking to a friend of mine about something she was thinking about exploring. As she talked more about it, I had this feeling that I had heard of something like this before. Actually, I felt like I'd actually gone through it. As I asked a few more questions, I realized that I had gone through it almost 30 years ago, and I warned her away from it. She said to me that she had a feeling something was strange about it, and hadn't been sure what she wanted to do.

Back in 2006, I asked people how much they listened to their intuition, and I got no response to it. The thing about intuition, to me, is that almost everyone has it, has that feeling sometime that something isn't right, or that maybe they should be doing something else. Most people, though, decide it's just their imagination, and go ahead and do whatever else is on their mind.

I might be overboard in listening to my intuition at times. I really do believe that sometimes things happen for a reason, and I shouldn't push the issue too much. For instance, there are many times when we have an appointment for someone to show up at the house, and for whatever reason they never show. I never call to ask them where they are; I always feel that it wasn't meant to be, and I move on with life.

This happens with relationships, and it happens in business as well. Sometimes, with relationships, the wish for love and happiness trumps good sense, especially when that good sense is telling you something's wrong. In business, sometimes you're trying to work with someone, and their actions or words are sending you bad signals, but those dollar signs are dancing in your head.

I've had only a few times in my adult life where I didn't listen to my intuition, and each one of those times it's turned out to be a bad thing for me. Now, I listen to it with all my soul, even if it's possible I might be overdoing it. I'd rather play it safe and cautious than get burned on the back end.

So, as I asked in 2006, are you listening to your intuition? I hope so; it's there to protect you.