First, I've decided to only post one of these a day, so that each interviewee has the opportunity to make sure their interview is going to be seen. After all, one never knows what else I might write during the day.

Second, I met Don through Ryze, an online networking group that I've talked about in the past, many years ago. He ran a network on marketing, and he was always encouraging everyone to test their marketing on his network. I was the only one who ever took him up on it; not sure what that says about other people or about me. I also participated in a few interactive marketing sessions with Don and others; Don certainly doesn't lack for energy. This is someone you definitely should check out:
1. What is Don L. Price Companies?

A). Price Publishing – consists of e-News, Training programs on CD’s and downloads on the Internet

B) Live Life & Travel – Internet travel portal offers two unique and powerful opportunities, that of referring travel agent or "RTA" and that of independent marketing representative or "REP". And having an in-house agency has many tax benefits and free travel

C) Success Coaching with Hypnosis - working with groups and individual to help them overcome doubt, fear, procrastination, lose weight, stop smoking, improve leadership skills and more.

D) Professional Speaker – Keynotes, Seminars, Workshops and Retreats.

2. What made you decide to go into this business?

Independence, Money and Life Style

3. What types of challenges have you had along the way?

Many – Changes in the market place - Staying up on current trends – Making the right decisions

4. Have the positives outweighed the negatives, and if so, how?

Absolutely the positives have always outweighed the negatives. My freedom to make as much money I'm capable of. Being able to pick and choose my destination in all area of life – Live where I want, travel when I want and it goes on and on

5. What would you recommend for anyone looking to go into business for themselves?

Depends – but for the entrepreneur type I would jump in front of the trends in business. The travel business is one – a 7 trillion dollar business world wide and growing.