Most of us need a boost to get us to do something that we either never thought about before or that we thought about but weren't sure we were going to do it. Well, I've been thinking about doing something for a few weeks now, and I finally got the boost from an interesting source.

Her name is Laura Roeder, and she's a social media consultant. She's blown up to a major degree, being on the news and different talk shows, and obviously she's young, as you'll see in the video below. She also seems to be pretty wise and has a way about her that's confident and knowledgeable. In this case, she's talking about the importance of consistency; take a look at this short video:

Isn't that a great business point? It works on every level you can think of, whether it's leadership or working with others or trying to get your own business off the ground or just trying to reach a certain goal. Consistency; powerful idea if you ask me.

I don't feel I'm as consistent as I should or could be. Over the past few months I've made myself a lot more consistent with this blog by having 3 posts a week, which isn't bad and I'm fairly proud of myself on that front. It's slightly done what I was hoping to do, but not quite. The site's ranking has gone up a little bit but not as much as I want it to.

What's the importance of website ranking? Overall, if your website is ranked higher, when people go to search for terms on search engines for things that you do you'll come up sooner than other people. Everyone shoots for top 10 because the default number of searches you'll get on every search engine is the top 10. It goes 10 at a time, and you know your own patterns; you don't often so searching past the first couple of pages for sometimes.

I want to be found on the search engines for some specific terms. I'm covered under my main health care search term so we won't talk about that one. But I'm literally nowhere to be found for leadership or management, but am found, in the 180's, when I combine the two words. Frankly, that's not good for my ultimate goals. And on only a couple of terms am I found anywhere where it may do me some good, to whit:

keys to leadership - Google 10th, Bing 3rd
book on leadership - Google 90th
keys to leadership training - Google 42nd

At least under the name of my book, Embrace The Lead, I'm at #1, and I guess out of a possible 25,000 searches that's not so bad, but it's not enough. And just to add one last thing, on Alexa this blog's ranked around 273,000, which is higher than the 330,000 it was at in December, but I want it under 200,000.

Anyway, consistency is the key, right? So, for the next two weeks, I'm going to try to write a post a day on this blog, including weekends. There may be 2 posts on some days if I get really ambitious. Since I always try to have a post on Mondays, that could mean 15 days in a row for at least the one post. I hope I don't drive you crazy, but I think it's something I need to do for business purposes; the bump certainly won't hurt. And don't be surprised if some of these end up being video posts.

I hope you stop by and visit and comment and share the love and tell me you love what I'm saying and you love the consistency. And if it's a bit too much for you... well, hang in there as the experiment, hopefully, will only last two weeks. After all, I have 4 other blogs and other stuff to write for as well. 🙂