Everyone likes being recognized for what they do. Sometimes accolades are for a job well done. Sometimes it's for longevity. Sometimes it might only be for one specific thing, such as saving a life or getting something patented, or even winning a bowling trophy for the high series of the league; I won that one once or twice in my past. lol

Hidden Gems Badge

A couple of days ago I was informed that this blog was recognized once again, this time being included on a list called Top 30 "Hidden Gem" Leadership Blogs on a site called Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness. I thank them for this and for the badge, and in reality this ranks me at #51 on the overall list. I still hold the 18th position on another list by Charles Specht.

Awards can be inspiring. I actually knew about this a couple of days ago and it spurred a very nice day of accomplishments for me that day. The carryover has felt pretty good as well; that's a nice little bounce. You don't get that type of thing often when you work for yourself. I'm also in a magazine article this month for a health care periodical but I've been in lots of magazines; not sure the publicity gets me far but it's still nice to be asked.

I knew something about giving awards from my past. Back in the late 80's when I was regional director for a physician billing company I set up an awards system for all the offices that reported to me. The plaques came out of my paycheck, and once a quarter I'd look at all the numbers and make a determination as to which team performed the best and they'd win the plaque. I also bought pizza for the winning team as well, which meant there was always one day a month where I knew I'd get at least one piece of pizza.

Here's the thing. Most of us don't really care how awards or accolades are manifested. It could mean just walking up to someone and thanking them for something they did that helped the department or the business. It might mean giving someone 30 minutes of extra time without having to use sick time or vacation time. It might mean a monthly luncheon if it's a departmental award for overall good performance. It doesn't have to be money, and it doesn't have to cost a lot. All it has to be is heartfelt.

Life's been good for a couple of days. Now, all I want is one more reward, that being Syracuse beating Georgetown tomorrow. I hope I'm not asking for too much. 😉