Once again, it's Blog Day, where bloggers are supposed to give recommendations to their favorite blogs of the year. Last year I only posted two; so sue me. So, here we go, and, getting this out of the way, I'm not going to post links to blogs my friends write.

Cookin' In The 'Cuse is a local blog written by a local Episcopal priest. She talks about food and all things related to food, mainly in the central New York area, but also reviews foods from her travels.

Boston Red Thoughts is written by a lady who calls herself Christine E, and it's her daily thoughts about the Red Sox and how well or bad they play. I'm not sure what she writes about during the off-season, but we'll soon find out.

Kevin Eikenberry is a consultant who writes a blog on training, performance support development, performance coaching, and organizational development.

This guy I love; not so crazy about the title of his blog, The Assimilated Negro. He calls himself T.A. from NYC, and it's an irreverent blog on all things that have to do with black people in America, from his own unique and funny perspective.

While I'm on the topic, I'll repeat this one that I recommended earlier in the year, The Black Factor. Written by S. Mary Wills, it's a blog on issues relating to black people in America in the workplace, and I have to say that most of the time I feel she's right on.

The Dlife Blog is related to all things diabetes, and it tries to offer encouragement to those of us who are diabetic. The full website is quite informative.

Beautiful Summer Morning is just one of those blogs that makes you feel good because it has many beautiful images and movies that the creator, Nick Grimshawe, puts together.

The final blog I'm highlighting is called Internet Marketing Sweetie, written by Alice Seba. She writes on internet marketing, and many times offers up products that will help one do business on the web.

And there you go, my contributions for 2007. Happy blogging!