There's a new study out as of Friday that indicates that black and white people in America think differently. Okay, that's not really news. What also isn't news is that many black people feel that white people know little about their real backgrounds, and probably don't care.

What is news, though, is some of the things this study, presently residing on, has found. For instance, around 71% of all blacks are online, and my personal demographic, baby boomers, has the highest rate of online users. I'd have thought younger people would surpass us, as they do in the general population, but nope.

Another one that was sort of shocking is that 91% of black people consider themselves Christian, but only 46% go to church; not sure why I thought that number would be higher.

One that isn't shocking is that a high number of black people, 72%, want to invest more money into stocks, but 50% feels banks and other financial institutions don't understand their needs.

Only 12 - 16% trust the police, government, or other institutions of the same type.

And this piece is disturbing:

• This segment is more pessimistic in their view of their life and future.

• Health: Only 17% believe they have a healthy lifestyle and 49% are stressed about their health.

• Finances: 4 in 10 earn less than $25K a year and nearly a quarter are unemployed.

• It is not surprising that 65% are stressed about their financial situation.

• Future: Only 20% believe things are getting better for them (by far, the lowest

There's a lot more information that can be downloaded from the site above, and I hope you take a look at it. Oh, one more thing; it would seem that 51% are more comfortable with being referred to as "African-American" rather than "black"; interesting,...