Do you watch Clean House? Basically, it's a show about people who accumulate so much clutter in their lives, for a variety of reasons, that they have no idea where to start to get out of trouble. So, instead of even trying, they just continue doing the same thing over and over until the Clean House crew gets there and helps them out in some fashion. Sometimes it's a major challenge getting people to let go of the past, but eventually, with the help, people own up to their responsibilities and get things done, and the transformations that are achieved are amazing.

Sometimes, this same type of thing happens in a work environment. You find one problem, decide to investigate it a little bit more, and suddenly, before you know it, you have a "clutter" of an issue that's going to take many steps and many people to fix. I have known a lot of people who, when they see the first few things will shut their eyes, act like the problem doesn't exist, and go in a different direction, leaving the problem to someone else.

It's never fine to do that, but it's worse when you're going to be around for a long time and may have to deal with this issue later on. Not only that, but what many miss is that they can look like a hero by identifying the problem, and then having some kind of idea on how to resolve it. True, many times the people at the very top hate having problems brought to them, which is a shame, but they love it when the person bringing the problem also has a fix.

Every single time, things can only get better, even if there's a step, or multiple steps, backwards for a short period of time. But one can't legitimately avoid issues and problems forever. And it's best to take your best shot at the time you find them rather than waiting for them to possibly escalate. When it's all been taken care of, you'll be amazed at what you'll see. And you'll probably be happy also.