Tomorrow is Election Day in the United States and I hope that we can get the percentage of voters higher than it's been in quite awhile. The problem with some of this is that it's not just to get people to the pools, but to get them to do some research on what the candidates they're looking to do for the country or their area and then vote for the people whose beliefs are closer to theirs.

This isn't really hard and yet some people think it is. Let's face this fact; Democrats and Republicans in general don't believe in the same thing; not even close. At least at the national level. When you get to the local level, there's really not much difference in offices such as judge or mayor because there's only so much they can do if you don't live in a major city. The law is the law, and everyone only has so much money; in some places where they'll elect a mayor, it's only a part time position because of how little it pays.

With that in mind I decided to create a video because I think it will show that I have a bit more passion about this topic than what I can possibly convey with the written word. So please watch this video, ingest this video, take it to heart, go learn something about the people you're going to vote for, then vote. Because when all is said and done, true leaders make sure they take care of themselves and then others, and you can't do that for your country without voting.

That's that; and now, here's the video: