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I was alerted to something one of our local politicians said in a story in the Syracuse Post Standard by reading the blog of a new friend of mine, Josh Shear. Like Josh, I can’t believe a politician has the nerve to blame the voters for his poor performance, and I believe he should just […]


I was going through a blog written by a gentleman named Tom McMahon, a conservative who I don’t often agree with but still enjoy looking at from time to time, and he had this one entry which was talking about a news story where a writer named Jonah Goldberg, a writer for the National Review, […]

About a month ago a friend of mine, Jill Hurst-Wahl, was being interviewed by one of the local news stations about an interesting social networking site called Second Life, and wrote about it in her blog. In essence, it’s a place where you create a human avatar and actually interact with people all over the […]


Talk about being dismayed. I had always seen December as the season where people pull together the most and forget about the differences that their lives have, for the most part. Then I come across this story on CNN about the Tufts University student newspaper printing a parody of O Come All Ye Faithful, instead […]

Well, it finally came. The Commission on Health Care Facilities in the 21st Century finally finished their report on health care facilities in New York state, and it wasn’t pretty. Literally, the report is almost 250 pages long. Figuratively, it’s created a major firestorm in the state, including my own area of the state fairly […]