Almost to the year of the last one, I've made another theme change to this blog. This time around, I've decided to make it look a bit more like my business website.

The reason for the theme change? Well, to tell you the truth, I loved the look of the other one. It was called Redwood, and I thought the rustic colors worked really well. The problem with it is that I couldn't get things to go where I wanted them to go. Sometimes, things wouldn't show up properly. A blog theme should look as you want it to look because it represents you, and that one, though I felt it had a lot of me in it as far as look, just wasn't going to get it done.

So, I've gone with this theme, which is the same theme I use for my finance blog. Only, this time around I've made more changes than I did with that one. I've added my main business logo to this site to prove that it's a part of my main site. I've also changed the background color. And I've changed the colors of the links.

Now, I need to warn people who think about tampering with themes that, if you're unsure what you're doing, it's a bad thing to try. While customizing this bad boy, there were a couple of things I did that make it go haywire. However, I knew what I'd done, and I just reversed the process then did what I really wanted to do in the first place.

Why change the theme now? I'm getting close to post #600 on this blog, and I figure it's time to bring some things back in line with my original version. In another part of business that I do, as it concerns SEO and social media, I tell some clients that they should add their blog onto their website in a subdirectory, so that it helps the website attain better prominence. I also tell them that they can alter their blogs so that it looks somewhat like their websites. Yet, I'd never done it for my own site, so I figured it was about time I did it. And this particular theme, which is known as Simple Balance 2.0, allows me to customize it to look as I wanted it to; that is, as long as one knows what they're doing.

And there we are. If you read this early, you'll notice that the Adsense thing looks a bit, well, out of place because of its color. The Adsense site is down right now, so I can't change it over, but I'll be getting to it as soon as possible. And, in case you visit the blog often, you'll notice that the ads you see on the side changes every time you come by.

I hope you like the theme; let me know your thoughts.