On this blog I mostly write about things that pertain to business in some fashion. Most of the time the articles have to do with things I do in business, but every once in awhile it's about general business decorum or motivation.

Occasionally I go a different direction, and today is one of those days. Today is Blog Action Day, and people around the world are writing blog posts for a cause. Today's cause is Food, and instead of writing about it here I wrote about it on one of my other blogs instead.

It's not that I haven't written those posts here in the past. Actually I've only written a post here once before, with the topic that day being poverty. In that post I talked about the year I lived with my grandmother in Kansas City and how we were basically living in a slum where a lot of kids only ate one meal a day, that being the school lunch. In a way, that could tie into the post about food on my other blog; all this food we have in the United States and yet some kids were going hungry on a daily basis.

I'm not a guy who gets into a lot of causes. I don't tend to spread myself too thin because I know I can't save the world. I am on one charitable organization, and I give money to others when I can. I try to keep it low key because I really don't like getting a lot of solicitations, which I get anyway, from people that I've given money to before. Once you're on a list you're going to get bombarded; that's just how life goes, especially with an economy like what we've been dealing with over the last few years.

Still, every once in awhile you have to write for a cause, something that you might not deal with personally on a yearly basis, yet something that's for the greater good. On this blog many years ago I wrote about Hurricane Katrina. I wrote about poverty on my other blog in 2008 as well. I've written about diabetes and about high fructose corn syrup and about cancer and about racism and about oil and about sexism and gay rights and health care. I've written about the organization I'm a part of, Arise. I haven't written about all these things on this blog, but on other blogs, including guest posts.

I do this because every once in awhile we have to take a stand, a position on something that highlights how others have it worse than we do. I don't live my life looking for things going wrong with the world, but every once in awhile it confronts me in some fashion and I have to address it. I don't think there's anything wrong with things like this; I think when the mood hits you, then you just need to do what you need to do and move on.

I've done my civil duty for the day; what's your next step?