June 16th, 2002, was the day my father, Lloyd E Mitchell, passed away; that’s 20 years and the anniversary date for this year. I’ve been thinking about it since March 2022, six months after my mother passed. Dad passed away on Father’s Day, a day I haven’t celebrated since then, because I didn’t want to […]

(originally published January 31st, 2006) Earlier this month I wrote something about Martin Luther King, Jr, and today I write something about his wife. I was only 8 years old when Dr. King was assassinated, so most of the history I have with him is through books and movies. However, Coretta Scott King has been […]

(originally posted March 5th, 2005) My wife’s father passed away today; his name was Clyde. Because of her family dynamics, I can’t say that I knew Clyde all that well. Matter of fact, in 10 years I never addressed him by name in any way; I wasn’t sure what to call him, so we just […]