I haven’t posted any videos in awhile, and I’m thinking it’s time for a diversion. Truthfully, I’ve been writing like a fiend this week, and I could use a little break. And something like these videos is just what I needed, and I’m thinking if I needed them, maybe they’ll help you feel pretty good […]

One of my friends has been going through some tough mental days lately. In the middle of it all, someone she was close to committed suicide; that’s just not supposed to happen for someone not sick and not a child, but it does. We’ve been talking over the past week, and I could see that […]

On another post, I talked about this movie experience called The Secret . Based off that, because I feel like we need some positive spirit this week after many of the bad types of things that have been going on in this country over the last couple of weeks, I want to offer a challenge […]