Goodness, we still haven't had President Obama in office a month yet, and not only is Rush Limbaugh, easily a renown racist conservative radio host spewing his filth, much to the delight of closet racists across the country, but now he has more help. Not that anything Rupert Murdoch's companies are involved in don't smack of racism and intolerance at some point (Fox News), but today's edition of the New York Post, one of his, has a cartoon that compares President Obama to a monkey, and has him being killed violently. Nice image, eh?

I thought about posting the cartoon here, but I just am not in the mood to help spread this kind of visually insulting thing any further than I have to. So, instead, I post these two links where you can see the cartoon and some commentary. The first is where I initially read about it, since I don't subscribe to the New York Post (and obviously never will), on a blog called the Electronic Village. The second is from the most liberal website in America, and also one of the most popular blogs, the Huffington Post.

Goodness, was it really only back in August when I wrote about other racist caricatures of President Obama? Of course, we had these stamps from Mexico from back in 2005 that generated a lot of consternation at the time.

The topic of racist cartoons pops up from time to time, and it always seems to be someone making a terrible association of relating a black person with an animal, usually a monkey or an ape. In this post on a blog called My View of JamDown from Up So, the author has images from both the Jamaica Observer (whom you would think would know better) and Vogue Magazine of black men being compared to gorillas. And last summer, we had the New Yorker post an image of President Obama and Michelle Obama as terrorists on its cover; what an old Black Panthers style 'fro they popped on Mrs. Obama at the time. Heck, let's take a look at that one, shall we?

Please, World, let's get this straight.

Overt or subtle racism is NOT appreciated, and it just can't keep being forgiven. Are we being sensitive? Possibly, but why shouldn't we be, when we keep getting compared to apes. Were all of you asleep in history class, or did they not even address this in your classes? Racism isn't fully anywhere. Caricatures,... well, I guess some people consider them funny, though I never have, so go ahead and do your drawings, emphasizing those things that are inherently a part of peoples of certain races; let's just stop with the monkeys, jungles, and killings please. This little image isn't funny (thanks Marietta, GA), and neither is this other image.

I guess this is just how we're going to have to deal with things for awhile, probably forever, and just keep bringing it up, and having people offer their hollow apologies, and move on with life.

It's just a shame it has to be this way.