Back in March, I wrote a post on the upcoming Opus Movie, a motivational movie that, in its own way, follows up on The Secret, one of my favorite movies of all time.

Well, it's finally been released, though it's possible it's been out for awhile and I just didn't know about it. It's being sold through Canada, and with shipping it cost me around $36.50, but with the exchange rate for America you'll end up getting it for around $30 if you purchase today; you know how exchange rates are changing these days. You can click on Opus Movie to go to their sales page; in the first line you're taken to my original post where you can view a very short promotional video of it.

As y'all know, I'm big on motivation to begin with, and I love motivational movies of all types. On my favorite links page I have many links that take you to either audio or video clips of motivational things. I used to run the Johnny The Bagger here, but was surprised by the amount of controversy it garnered, which I thought was unjustified, and rather than trying to defend the concept of it instead of wondering whether it was real or not, I decided to remove it. However, the link to the video is there now.

How many of you come across motivational videos and the like that you'd like to share with others? Put a post here, if you're so inclined, because I'd love to check them out. Just don't be trying to make me cry. 😀