I am an independent consultant. I also have a business license and a federal tax ID number. This means I'm actually a corporation, a legitimate business, and not just a temporary employee for anyone.

I state this because in the last week I've talked to two companies, one that contacted me first, and one that was really keen on my working with them, which came crashing down because they didn't want to work with me unless I became their employee. The one guy, who was actually a very nice guy, said that if I weren't an employee, it meant they couldn't control me.

Control me? For that comment itself I'm going to name the company, which is Nearterm. Control me? What's this concept of controlling employees anyway? Control me? What's this thing about wanting to control people?

When I was an employee, no one "controlled" me. I knew the job I had to do, and I got the results that were wished for, surpassing what was requested more often than not. And it wasn't because anyone "controlled" me; I control myself. Always have, always will.

Still, this shows the corporate mentality, the total disregard for employees, the non-realization that employees are NOT property, ARE people, and thus deserved to be treated with the respect that these corporations supposedly want themselves.

As I wrote in my post on convictions, I will always stand by mine. One thing I've always stood by was that any employee who reported to me was responsible for themselves, but I was responsible for making sure they had the tools to be successful. I was also responsible for the performance of my employees, but control them? That wasn't happening. Control the department overall, yes; control people, no.

Any employee under me was allowed to use the phone to talk to their family members; what kind of stupid policy is that, not allowing employees to take personal calls from their family during working hours? What gives corporations the right to determine that people have to make the choice between their families and the job for something that's so superficial anyway? Who do they think they are?

Oh yeah; they think they're the controllers of people. It sickens me, but I know the score. That's why, if I have any control over my life, which I do now, I don't ever want to have to deal with that type of thing again. Folks, we should talk. If you feel controlled by your organization, we should talk. Executive coaching can help you take control of your life; that's the only control you should ever have.

We're all supposed to work with each other, not control each other. No wonder, when it comes to business, we don't like each other. What a shame.