We're 12 days into the new year, and it's already proven to be a year like, and unlike, other years.

I begin the year at home, which hasn't happened in a couple of years. I know, at some point, I'll probably be off to some odd location or two, but it would be nice if, for once, I could earn the bulk of my income at home. Yeah, the main word is "bulk". 🙂

I have been a writing fool. I have written 7 articles for various sources, as I work towards getting more publicity for what I do across the board. These aren't including the regular productions of my two newsletters, the latest which can be accessed here for those who don't subscribe but might be thinking about it. Oh yes, the newsletter went through a redesign, which I'd attempted before but wasn't quite sure how to keep them whole. Sometimes, technology isn't even my friend. But the original newsletter wasn't easily viewable for everyone; it should be now.

I also have a personal blog, separate from this one for when I just need to let off steam. I've written 13 entries in 11 days, not counting today, where I haven't written anything thus far, but probably will.

I have made changes to all three of my websites, and totally revamped another website, for which I'm the webmaster. I have learned rudimentary CSS (cascading style sheets) and put it into practice on two of my sites. I have read 2 other books thus far, as well as two magazines from beginning to end. I have sent out 20 marketing letters and 20 marketing postcards; that's the new thing in business marketing.

I also cleaned my room. I have a new picture. And I've worked out every day except two, half the times twice a day. I haven't lost any more weight, but I believe the routine of working out has finally taken hold, as, when I don't do it, I feel a strange sense of loss.

One bad habit I've fallen back into is staying up real late into the evening, and waking up too early in the morning. Yet, I don't feel bad; I was told that, because of the exercising and the working out, I would hae more energy, but also find it harder to shut my mind down. So, I'm rolling with it, because weight loss and getting in shape is most important.

None of these things have anything to do with my resolutions for the new year, except for working out. It does show, however, that there are always things that change, and always opportunities to produce and move forward, rather than sitting around waiting for things to happen. I keep moving forward, reinventing, and producing, because I have things to say and, hopefully, more things to do.

I meet many people who say they want to do many things, but most of them end up not doing anything. Some call it "analysis paralysis"; I think it goes further than that. Many people don't vote because they think their vote won't make a difference. Many people don't try something else because they believe there's nothing they can do to change their circumstances. I hope that, in my own way, I can help to prove that one can always try to do more if they choose to try to do more.

I have two friends I'm supposed to be writing books with. Unfortunately, because I've given them my word, kind of, I can't just write them myself. But I will keep progressing on my own book, the story I'm writing on my own. And, while I'm at it, I'll keep writing the story of my life; the one I want to live, as well as the one I'm dreaming about living.