I’ve seen some other bloggers doing this sort of thing, and so I thought I’d so the same thing as my final post of 2006.

Below are what I feel are my top six posts of the past year. True, most everyone else is going with five, but hey, I don't completely follow the crowd. Anyway, five of them are from 2006; one is from last December 31st, since, technically, it fits within the past year. And here we go:

Taking The Clutter Out Of My Life was my affirmation for something I had determined was one of the biggest problems I had in my life, that being clutter of all types.

Who Defines Your Success was important because, as I talk to people about all types of things, I find more and more people limiting themselves based on what others say, either in their past or their present.

Positive or Negative Values was important because it talks about how, sometimes, what we present to the world will color their overall judgment on the type of person we are, whether it’s a fair assessment or not.

How Come My Hospital Bill Is So High was important because the cost of healthcare was a big topic in both 2005 and 2006. Most people don’t understand that hospitals in general aren’t trying to gouge them, so I tried to address that issue.

Another F-word Needs To Be Eliminated was important because I believe a new perspective on not always succeeding in whatever one tries needed to have a fair representation.

Why Racism Will Never Go Away was important because today’s society seems to feel as though, if they ignore a problem, things will get better, and I felt the need to express the opinion that one’s problems don’t just go away without some type of effort.

And, though those were my six favorites of the year, it would seem that the post of mine that was tracked back to most often was one titled This Is How Customer Service Should Be; Kim, you should be really proud of yourself. 🙂

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year, and I also hope you're sharing it with close friends and/or family.