I'll never get used to this sort of thing, and I'm happy for it. One of my posts has made another leadership list, this time on a blog called Business Pundit, in an article titled 50 Tips To Make You A Better Leader.

It's not a ranked list, but the author has categorized the list. It's intriguing to see how other people list your stuff, as well as their own. The category my article is under is General Leadership Skills, and the article was Getting Back On Track, which I wrote last October. That someone actually took the time to find an older post of mine to fit their needs feels pretty good.

Of course, this ties in with a post a friend of mine, Sue Tosto, wrote a couple of days ago titled Praise and Self Satisfaction, where she talks about her experiences of buying things on eBay. I knew that you could go in and rate the sellers; it never occurred to me that there was a place where sellers could rate buyers as well. Anyway, she talks about how people respond well to different types of praise, and she's absolutely right.

Sometimes one writes blogs like these and wonders if anyone gets anything out of them because they're not the type of topics that get all that many comments. So, whenever you see that someone has been touched in some fashion, it just makes you feel better, and there's never anything wrong with that. Take that thought and be conscious about making someone else feel better every day, whether they did something special or not.

Of course, we all have the ability to make ourselves feel better as well; watch this brief clip to see what I mean: