I'm doing something a little different this month, which has kept me from having as many blog posts as I usually have. Every day this month I've created a new video on my business blog; after last night it makes 18. Almost all of them have been on a leadership topic, with a couple on diversity and one on motivation. Some have dabbled in two topics, such as communications and employee relations along with leadership; that still counts.

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Truth be told, for those of us who think a lot about leadership concepts, we start to realize that there are lots of them. For me, many of them seem integrated and seamless, thus fairly easy to understand, and yet recognizing how many of them there are, I can see how some people might get confused.

After all, we'll debate about concepts such as servant leadership, bosses, consensus leadership, micro managing, being nice, delegation... on and on. Add to that concepts such as better communications, motivation, training, networking, or even whether or not people want to be leaders, then realize that's barely scratching the surface... well, some heads might be ready to explode.

That's one reason why I've been doing the videos. Even though they range from 4 minutes to 7 minutes, each video has its own message and it's always easier for people to pick up concepts hearing or watching them rather than reading them, although I still want people to read what I have to say; please keep reading! lol

Still, I do have all these videos out there, and I'm going to share 3 of them here. I just realized that I haven't added a link to the video page in the sidebar; ugh! So, here's the link to the business YouTube channel, where you can subscribe if you like any of what you see here.

Meanwhile, 3 video samples:

Can You Make The Tough Decision?



3 Ideas For Communicating With Irate People



Don't Leave Things To Chance