Almost two weeks ago a blog post I wrote put me in the top 100 for leadership posts on blogs throughout the blogosphere. That felt pretty good, as it's always nice to be recognized.

Now I've made another list, a ranked list, this time placing at #58 on a Top 150 Management & Leadership Blogs by Limewedge, written by Lewis Bertolucci. What he died was go through statistics and ratings and come up with this list by those numbers, and this is where I come out on this list.

I love that this blog has done a lot of what my hopes were for it. around 26% of all the posts I've written here have been on leadership and management issues. That topic easily blows everything else away, although I talk often enough about motivational topics as well. I truly think the two are related because a good leader and manager has the tools to motivate others to be better than they believe they can be.

I thank Lewis for including me on this list. Now if I can only get listed for health care; working on that one. 🙂