On Kevin Eikenberry's blog, he recently had a post titled If You had Just Six Words. The premise is that you can only use six words to describe six brief statements about yourself or your beliefs, and its purpose is to help you clarify your thoughts in a more succinct manner.

Instead of commenting on his blog, I figured I'd share it here, link back to his blog, and give my responses to the six items here. Please check his blog out, then my answers might make more sense:

your beliefs

equality, honesty, unlimited potential, kindness, smile

your goals

wealth, health, big house, friends, relaxation

your vision

speaker, writer, thinner, control my destiny

your team

don’t have a team, no comment

your family

long life, closeness, healthy, safe, independent

your leadership style

consensus, encouraging, honest, sharing, open, friendly

Try it yourself; you can post it here, on Kevin's blog, or elsewhere, but give it a shot.