Today's interview is a special treat. Not only do I have the normal 5 questions that I ask of all business owners, but I got to conduct my first ever live interview. This is all courtesy of Wendy Y. Bailey of Brilliance In Action Enterprises, Inc. She suggested the longer interview, she had the software to get it done, I came up with some questions, and we just talked for almost an hour. I hope you listen to the interview; there's a lot of great stuff there, and I think everyone can learn a little something.

Now, the normal interview format:

1. What is Brilliance In Action Enterprises, Inc.?

It's my group coaching business, where I teach coaches how to provide group coaching for their clients.

2. What made you decide to go into this business?

After spending several years in IT/Telecommunications industry, I was "voted of the island" in 2001. Rather than look for another position, I decided to focus on doing something I loved at all costs. All roads led to coaching so I hung out my shingle in 2002 after training with CoachVille, Coach Training Alliance, Coach U, The Fearless Living Institute, and more. I don't regret a thing!!

3. What types of challenges have you had along the way?

Initially the challenge was getting clear about what I do and who I truly wanted as my clients. Then, I found getting my name "out there" felt really daunting. I found my stride about two years into some really focused marketing activities and I haven't looked back. Getting over the marketing hump was easy when I began to embrace a particular marketing style. It became an extension of me! How kewl is that?!

4. Have the positives outweighed the negatives, and if so, how?

Without a doubt!! The triumphs have far exceeded any of the negative stuff. I love saying that and knowing how true it is on a DAILY basis sometimes. A friend of mine used to say, "Life is simple, people make it difficult." I like making my life simple even if that means putting myself in check at times.

5. What would you recommend for anyone looking to go into business for themselves?

Make sure you have a strong foundation, personally. Continue to work on keeping a strong personal foundation through personal and business coaching. Build a support system with colleagues, family and friends. Finally take really great care of yourself so you can go the distance. The race doesn't go to the swift but to the one who endures.