I have to admit this; 2009 was a terrible year. It was bad financially; it was bad personally in a couple of ways. It wasn't my best year physically. And emotionally; let's not even go there.

And yet, even with all of the things that happened to me, I stayed fairly positive throughout the year. As I mentioned in this newspaper interview I was a part of on keeping a winning attitude, it doesn't mean that you never get down and that you never get depressed. It means you don't stay in that place. You wallow for a little bit, then you get your dander up and you start going at it again.

That's because life is a long and drawn out process. There are good days and bad days, good moments and bad moments, and how we decide to respond to each of those things says a lot about what we're made of and what we hope to achieve in our lives.

True, there are some doom and gloom people in this world. They're the types that get up in the morning already hating the day. They hate going to work. They hate being at work. They get out of work and hate the idea of coming home because they don't have anything to look forward to except another night of sitting in front of the TV medicating themselves with the pretend lives of others.

Those folks are hard to deal with. Now, if they enjoyed that life, that's a different story. Two people doing the exact same thing each day could look at it in different ways. I remember many years ago working alongside some people whose nightly endeavors were specific shows that they each loved, so that the next day they could come into the office and talk about it with each other. You can't be mad at that because they had something to look forward to.

What do you have in your life that you want to look forward to? For me, I have to say that every day I look forward to my wife coming home. That's the best m personal life has to offer for me, and that's pretty good. For my professional life, I look forward to the opportunity to grow my business more in 2010, to achieve some successes and hope that there are more of them that failures, to conduct more interviews and do more speaking engagements. And, well, to have more fun and more interactions with friends.

Something worth living for, wouldn't you agree? Let's prosper in 2010!