I came upon a blog post by a guy named Kevin Eikenberry titled What's Your Excuse. He talks about how, when Martin Luther King, Jr, was in school, he actually got a C in public speaking, and how he obviously didn't let it stop him from achieving great things.

Reading it first reminded me of an old blog post of mine titled Who Defines Your Success, where I talked about how many times we allow someone else to have the power over what may be deemed successful instead of taking the reins ourselves and just getting it done.

There are always excuses why you may not succeed at something at a certain time, many of them legitimate. There's never an excuse not to try. That line reminds me of something I was reading in Michael Masterson's blog, where he was talking about comments people made on his books and how they would break into two camps, those being people who loved it, the majority, and people who were negative, not because they thought he wrote badly, but because they couldn't see for themselves how possibly following what made him rich could work for them.

Even on my last leg, I'm never going to give up trying. As Captain Kirk says in the Wrath of Khan: "I don't believe in the no-win scenario."

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