Along with this business blog, I have a secret personal blog where I can pretty much write anything I want. Me being me, I don't stray far from who I really am, but I will address certain issues much differently than I will here.

One of the things that happens when you participate on a blogging site where people can remain anonymous is that you get to see what people are really made of. Sure, sometimes people are spouting stuff you know they don't believe, especially if you've been reading their posts for awhile, but most of the time, you know what pushes people's buttons, and where their minds are on things.

It is in this vein that I posted something today in response to some comments I saw, and received an interesting response back from one of those people. There was a news story about a man who was arrested for feeding kittens to his pit bull. Someone posted the story and commented on it, and then there were 10 other responses to the post.

After seeing that, I went on and stated that, as bad a story as that was, it was interesting how, when I posted the story about the Jena Six I only got two or three comments, and it took that story months to become news at all, and when I talked about another story about the young woman who was kidnapped and tortured in West Virginia, it barely got one or two comments, even though it was front page news the day they arrested the perpetrators, but the Michael Vick story about dog fighting was talked about ad infinitum. One of the previous commenter's wrote back, saying that all of the stories were tragic, but that none of them were necessarily worse than the others.

In a meeting today, one of the men there said to me he doesn't understand why there's still a need for diversity. To me, just having someone write to me and say that racism and torture of a person, let alone a black person, and animal cruelty are on par with each other, that it easily explains why there's this big need for diversity, and why there's still this need for the big conversations to take place in America. And, also a reason why, sometimes, one has to go that extra step for solidarity, as in wearing black yesterday because I couldn't go to Jena, Louisiana.

Yes sir, still a long way to go.