Last night the team I follow in professional basketball got crushed by a team they should have been able to compete with. It wasn't close to being challenging, and the shocking part is this team has the greatest basketball player of today's age on it.

working a gig

In my opinion, other than the #1 player, the players quit on the team. They were too distracted by outside noise to concentrate and give it their all. It's hard to blame them, because most of the rest of the players names have been in the news as trade bait towards getting another superior player who's presently a member of another team.

Frankly, leadership's messed this one up, and I understand not wanting to give everything you have for someone you don't think appreciates you. However, as professionals it ends up being a bad look on your character. I mean, even if the team trades you, how much money are you getting to play basketball regardless of what team you're playing for?

Something I've never done is quit on a job. Quitting a job is a different story, although I've only done that once as an employee and twice as a consultant. Everyone's not compatible with everyone else; sometimes personalities clash. Instead of giving your all, it's probably best if you up and leave. One can't do that in professional sports, which means they're expected to have a higher level of personal pride; luckily, the rest of us don't have to be the same way.

I believe there are a host of legitimate reasons for leaving a job, but none for quitting a job, or not giving the best you can at all times. It's always better to leave a job on as good of terms as possible rather than waiting around giving a bad performance and getting fired. That kind of thing never bodes well long term. While it's true that companies aren't supposed to say anything bad about employees after they leave, you never know who knows who and might say something "under the table".

Always give your best until you can find other employment; leave with as much honor as possible. To give you a break in having to read a traditional long post, I'm sharing the video below instead; enjoy!

Sometimes You Have To Quit A Job