Sometimes the world is an ironic place. Case in point, the video below originated with a company with a website called Death of Leadership. It's kind of funny in a way, making a mockery of the types of leadership we hear about in businesses all the time. It uses sheep with, well, I'm not quite sure what's on top of the sheep. It was obviously some kind of race with new commentary over it.

Confederate States Army
Jeremy Brooks via Compfight

After watching the video, I wanted to see what the site was all about. However, the site is down, saying it's going to be reborn. In other words, the Death of Leadership site is dead right now; isn't that the epitome of irony?

I tend not to believe there's a death of leadership, but it's definitely close to life support. I think some leaders are really trying to do the right thing these days, but the people they're working with aren't capitulating as easily as they probably thought would happen, and things seem not to be getting done.

I cite the federal government, the state of New York and the state of California as examples here. For the federal government, I'm not even talking President Obama, but Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid aren't showing the best leadership possible.

Oh sure, each one has managed to get things done. But having the opposition party not have a single supporter, while battling your own party sometimes, just isn't going to get the job done. Is it leadership is you keep having the same, thin minority passing everything? Is it leadership if the other side isn't participating in the process, although it seems that's their entire plan? I mean, if you can't get one person from the party of "no" to join into even a discussion of things, how good is the leadership then?

Or is leadership good as long as it's pushing through exactly what it wants? I'm not sure just how this one goes. I do know this, though. It's hard to be a leader when everyone else feels they're leaders also. It's hard to get things done.

That's what's hurting New York, and it's what's hurting California, and I'm sure it's what's hurting all the other states. I have no problem with opposition, as long as opposition is at least trying to do something. Why is it politics is the only profession where if something didn't work those who pushed it to begin with can't just say "let's try something else?" In this instance, would we all like to hear a little bit of "we tried that before but it didn't work?"

I'm not really sure.