Over the past week ESPN has been running a series of stories, both video and written, based on one of the passages of Dr. Martin Luther King's 'I Have A Dream' speech from August 1963. This is their way of celebrating his birthday, for which today is the official holiday, while looking at minorities in sports, and not necessarily the athletes. There's still a great dearth of minority representation in coaching, management, and definitely ownership. The college level is pretty much the same way. This isn't editorializing, by the way; these are the facts.

Anyway, instead of writing my opinion on things, I thought I'd link to some of the stories, commentary, and videos they've shown over the past week. I found what I saw on TV fascinating, and what I've read, well, challenging and interesting at the same time. I thank you for indulging me on this holiday; after all, if the banks and federal offices are closed, why can't I kind of take a slight breather today?


video - Content Of Character

video - Content of Character: Lance Blanks

video - Content of Character: Maya Moore (other videos on the page)

Martin Luther King, the renaissance man

video - Dreaming In Every Color