Last week, I sent out my regular newsletter on a topic surrounding the upcoming fifth anniversary of the tragedy of the Twin Towers in NYC. It received numerous comments, very positive stuff. However, one comment came in that didn't address the newsletter at all.

It was from someone in another country, and he decided instead to bad mouth American politics and Americans in general. Now, I have my own issues with some of our countries policies, but I love my country as many people love theirs, and I felt it deserved at least at attempt at being defended, but in my own way, to try to open a dialogue.

The response I got: "Obviously you're stupid and don't know anything about your own country." That was how it began. I didn't read any further, deleted the email, and decided this wasn't anyone I wanted receiving my newsletter because he obviously wasn't open to hearing about ways for people to try to get along with each other.

There are just times when you can't win with people, even when you're not trying to win the game. It's one of the most important things to learn in business, as well as your personal life. There are some people whose negativity is just so overwhelming to them that the only thing that could happen to you is to be dragged down with them in some fashion.

Sometimes, as Dad used to say, you just gotta cut bait and run, saving yourself for another day.