Today is Blog Day, but this year I have two blogs with different focuses. So, I'm going to recognize some blogs here that have to do with one type of thing, then some blogs on my other blog that have to do with what I talk about over there. I'm not sure it's cheating or not, but hey, recognizing people is always a good thing in my opinion. And, just like last year, I won't be highlighting any blogs of my friends, so I can be objective. Finally, here's last year's entrants.

Stereohyped is basically a source of news for and about black people, but sometimes with a comical vent. There's actually a team of people who write this blog, but I find it very entertaining.

WWE Characters may seem out of character to people who don't know me well, but for those who do they know that I love professional wrestling, especially the WWE. This blog gives some information that's actually available on the WWE website, but the writer of the blog also gives updates and opinions on all things wrestling, and I love that. I don't always get to watch it, so I can easily catch up on all the happenings by checking this one out.

Along those same lines, we have J.R.'s Place, which hosts the words of the Hall of Fame wrestling announcer Jim Ross, as he talks not only about wrestling, but anything else that hits his fancy at the time.

This year's leadership blog to highlight is Leader Business, written by Tom Magness. I just like the way he writes about leadership; relatively easy principles that most people forget about, couched in a story; who doesn't like stories.

By now, my regular readers know I'm diabetic. This year, I found Diabetes Mine, written by Amy Tenderich. It's a mixture of what's happening to her in life as well as information about diabetes.

The final blog I'm going to mention here is one that seems more suited, on its face, to my other blog. But Barbara Ling's blog is more than just a blog about blogging. This woman gives away information on almost anything, and lots of it. Her blog is so comprehensive that there's almost no way one can take all of it in at one time. And if you only stick to the new entries you're not doing yourself any favors. Check this one out, but make sure you have some time to take in a lot of it.

And there you go. I hope you enjoy some of these as much as I do. See you next year for more.