This Sunday, I will be interviewed by Beverly Mahone of Boomer Diva Nation fame on her Blog Talk Radio program at 7PM; you can access it by going here. The topic of that program will be "Reinventing Yourself Thru Your Passion", of which it seems I've become a master at.

Then next Friday, I'll be speaking for the Professional Consultant's Association of Central New York on the topic of my ebook "Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool."

It's funny how life works out. When I first decided I was going into business for myself, I was only thinking about one thing, that being leadership and management training. Over the years, I have morphed into many things and offered many services of varying kinds. My business services have branched into places I'd never even thought about, and I've had some pretty fun adventures.

I've traveled to some places I'd have never thought I'd go. I've met some people I certainly never expected to meet. Yet I haven't been so reckless that I've done anything that could hurt me or get me into trouble. There still has to be some discrimination in your thoughts when deciding upon some things.

In this day and age, when so many people are losing their jobs, it certainly can't hurt to have something else to help you get over the hump. And, who knows, that something else could end up being a new career. In Loral Langemeier's book The Millionaire Maker, she talks about people that she's helped get their budgets under control, while at the same time helping them figure out ways of generating new income to help pay their debt down faster.

In a few of those cases, a person would realize, with her help, that they did have some other skills that they could employ, and those skills ended up generating more income than their regular jobs, which they eventually left after getting out of trouble. Truthfully, it's always more fun working for yourself, but if you begin to think about doing it, I'd recommend you first read Before You Quit by Robert Kiyosaki, which will help you answer some questions and put some plans into place before you break away.