I was reading a blog post earlier called Are Affirmations Useless on a blog called How To Have Great Self Confidence And Self Esteem by David Rogers. The premise of the post was this attack by researchers on the concept of self help books and whether they, or any type of positive affirmations, have any effect on people's lives.

Of course, the researchers say no; David and others don't quite agree, and I don't either. As you know, I've talked often enough about my belief in the laws of attraction, which I guess I'm going to have to actually write about one of these days on my own. Anyway, you attract to you what you believe and how you live, and this also can help with your successes or failures.

That's where positive affirmations come in. If you have something positive in your mind, or something you've printed out, that you can see and read and speak out loud from time to time, you reinforce something within that says you're going to succeed, that you're going to be okay, because you're moving forward in life. This doesn't mean you won't have setbacks. It doesn't mean you may not get depressed from time to time. What it does mean is that when you overcome whatever mental ailments you have at a particular time, you already have your goal and dream established, you know how to recharge your mind, and you're ready to move forward again.

These scientists also have put down what are termed "self help" books. Well, let me say this. My friend Kelvin talks all the time about a book called Illusions by Richard Bach. He swears by this book, saying it's one of three books that have helped shape his life. I myself talk about Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker as a book that's helped push me forward, as well as the movie The Secret. See, these are the types of books and movies that, when you're ready for them, can bring you great joy, mental clarify, and help you establish a sense of purpose in life.

I've always said that if things I write or speak about at engagements convinces one person to change their life for the better, I've done what I was supposed to do with life. I'll say the same with any self help book that's on the market. If it's altered just one person's life in getting them to do good things with that life, then it's served its purpose.

On the wall in front of my desk, I have two plaques that say it all for me: Achieve Success. And no scientist or researcher can take that away from anyone.