My friend Renee of Presentations Plus, with whom I did the webinar with, and I want to ask you for a favor. Back in July, we did a webinar on social media and SEO (search engine optimization). Well, we're looking to do more seminars and the like. All of them don't necessarily have to be online, although, for people who don't live in the Syracuse, NY area, that just might be the only way you could see either of us.

But that's not what the survey is necessarily for. See, we've been having this discussion as to the types of seminars people like in general. Do more people like live presentations, webinars, or podcasts. What do people expect to pay for each of these, whether they would do them or not? And, how many people are willing, if they can't show up at a presentation they'd hoped to be a part of, to pay for it after the fact.

These are the questions we'd like answered. And if you answer the survey, we're offering a couple of small, but free, downloads. One is a Word tip, another is an Excel tip, and the third is an outline of the pros and cons of owning a website if you have a business.

That's the pitch. Here's the link to the survey. You'd be doing us a great favor. Thanks!