I've done a lot of posts on this blog and one of my other blogs where I've given 10 tips that should take 2 or 3 minutes to read. The last one I did was in 2015 when I gave 10 Communications Tips and linked to all the other tips I'd given before then that were in the same category.

It turns out I've never done one for diversity. In 2012 I wrote one titled 10 Ways To Look At A Diversity Issue and in 2014 I wrote 10 Ways Diversity Improves Our Lives. It's possible that one of those could have been read in 3 minutes but the other was definitely going to take more people 7-10 minutes to get through.

I decided it was time to do a 2-minute post on diversity, but I'm adding in some time for the stuff that's above. I hope you check out the communications post because it links to all the other shorter posts I wrote, and of course please check out the other two diversity posts.

I don't write short posts all that often; I hope you appreciate this one. Let's get started:

1. View everyone else as your equal, even if you're the person in charge.

2. Don't treat everyone equally, treat them fair, especially if you're the person in charge; realize everyone has different skill sets and ways of learning.

3. If you have to ask someone if you can tell a certain joke, don't tell it.

4. Don't judge people by the way they look; looks are always deceiving and you never know who you're dealing with until you get to know them.

5. If people don't live a life of hating others, what they are or do in their personal lives isn't any of your concern.

6. Just because you don't see a disability doesn't mean there might not be one.

7. It's best to keep politics and religion out of the workplace, sometimes it's best to keep it to yourself unless you know the people you're around are open to discussing it or they agree with you.

8. It's okay to be attracted to someone you consider good looking but learn where to draw the line when necessary, especially if they report to you.

9. Never wait to defend someone you believe is being treated with intolerance or harassment.

10. Never assume your words aren't offending the person you're talking to; if you think you can tell what someone is by looking at them you're probably going to be surprised one day.