A couple of weeks ago President Obama came around to say that he now fully embraced the idea of gay people being allowed to marry. For someone like me, I wondered what took so long.

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For all the people I meet who think that I'm somewhat closed minded based on the few things they know about me, none of them have ever wondered why I might be so open minded on so many things when it comes to people.

I hate saying this but a majority of white people think I'm so open to other people because I'm black. Truth be told, if statistics are correct black people are more conservative in beliefs about others than white people are. That is, if statistics are to be believed, because except for very few things I don't personally see that as the truth.

With that said, it has nothing to do with whether I'm black or not. What is has to do is reality and personal impact. There are few things that I look at when it comes to people and, if it doesn't impact me, have a lot to say about it. When it comes to children or people ruining their lives, I might be a bit more vocal. Overall though, I have my list of 10 ways to look at a diversity issue, which at this point I really don't need, to determine whether it's something I should concern myself with or not:

1. Will I ever have to deal with the issue personally?

2. Will their right to do whatever negatively impact me?

3. Will their right to do whatever hurt the world?

4. Is what they do indicative of a negative pattern of thinking?

5. Is what they do or what they are harmful to children?

6. Is there a problem of general morality, not religious morality, that I'm uncomfortable with?

7. If you looked at them are they noticeably different than someone else, and does it matter?

8. Does what they believe or do mean they don't deserve a change to live among the rest of us in peace?

9. Do the rights they're asking for themselves compare to what black people were fighting for in the past?

10. If I disagree can I turn away easily, go home, close the door, turn the TV or radio off, and have my life be pretty nice and secure?

That's pretty much it, and I think it covers pretty much everything that I can think of. Who do I abhor, and how does it fit my list? I don't like racists, people who abuse children, people who abuse pretty much anyone else, bullies, thieves, killers... I think that's enough.

I pity those who abuse themselves but I don't hate them. I don't care what race someone is; don't care what religion they follow; don't care what they wear; don't care how much money they make; don't care how many piercings or tattoos they have; don't care about their disability.

I care about their politics only to the extent of what they might have to say that impacts me; that's fair. Actually, I guess I can apply that to religion as well.

Outside of that... let people live how they live and do what they do. Make the world fair for everyone to be able to live the life they want as long as they're not hurting anyone else. This is a tough standard because people who do drugs don't believe they're hurting anyone else; at some point they all do.

Anything else... leave each other alone.