When I look back through my blog, I realize that I have touched upon the subject of having to deal with the consequences of one's actions many times.

The first time was when I addressed the Jennifer Wilbanks story back in 2005 (she was the woman who disappeared a day before she was going to get married, then said she'd been kidnapped by a black man). Then I wrote about it again while telling a story about people asking for raises based on merit, then realizing it wasn't what they wanted.

The next time I wrote on it, I was talking about a stupid radio DJ who, on his program, threatened to rape another man's 4-year old daughter, while throwing out racial slurs. Then I wrote about people who believe they can say whatever they want to, yet still retain their privacy; please! And the last time I wrote about it, I was highlighting a week where many celebrities had done and said some stupid things, and wondered why people were angry with them.

It seems like there's no dearth of information when it comes to people doing stupid things, then wanting to blame someone else for their actions. A day after Barack Obama was elected president, a minor radio DJ in Florida went on the air in blackface, a day after making a crack about seeing a bunch of black people standing in line and fried chicken, and days later was wondering why everyone was calling him a racist. Another news station had its reporter ask Joe Biden on the air if Barack Obama was a marxist, then complained when their access to him and his events was denied afterwards.

Earlier today, a Texas University football player was expelled from his football team for posting an email message he'd received on his MySpace page. A couple of days ago a soldier was arrested in the city of Oswego, NY, for punching a college student who was happy that Obama had been elected president, and ended up knocking his head into a car and putting him in the hospital. He claims it was an accident; he will lose his career, and possibly go to jail for his stupidity.

I keep wondering when people will wake up and realize that they really can't just go around doing whatever they believe they can do and not be ready to deal with the consequences of doing it. Everyone knows that you don't take a hot tea kettle and stick your tongue on it, yet every day someone new is putting their foot in their mouths, or exhibiting some other kind of bad behavior.

Unfortunately, Citibank was incorrect; a major faux pas can't be saved with a "thank you". Reputations can be ruined by a moment of idiocy. No America, the world really isn't equal, even with Barack Obama becoming president. No, you can't go outside in blackface. No, you can't pull out your old watermelon jokes. No people, you can't slur gay people or heavy people or the disabled. You can't pull out your old Polish jokes, and it's not helping that you've changed them to Russian or French or Irish jokes either. You don't get to leave your kid in the car in dire heat and say "sorry". You don't get to say "I can see Alaska from my house" then cry that no one is taking you seriously. You don't get to crawl over the fence into someone's back yard, take a picture, and claim freedom of the press.

Not without consequences. If you don't care, then live up to it and move on. But if people don't like it, don't act surprised. Just hope it wasn't overly stupid, and move on with your life. Sometimes you get a second chance. Then again, anyone heard from Michael Richards lately?