This is going to surprise some people, but even though I’ve worked for myself for nearly 12 years, I’ve had a couple of occasions here and there to interview for a regular job. Sometimes you see an opportunity, realize that the money’s not bad and the benefits might be great and, well, if it’s local […]

Every once in awhile I talk to someone about their business and I can’t figure out their reasoning for doing the things they do. Then I think about it a bit and I realize that most bad decisions come because of worries about money in some fashion. Of course it doesn’t help when bad consultants […]

(originally published March 21st, 2005) For some reason, the topic of managers who want to tell you every single thing you’re supposed to be doing throughout the day, including standing over you while you try to do it, seems to be popping up all over the place. Ahmed Amir via Compfight I wrote my very […]