This week has probably been the most productive week of the year for me. Not that I don't ever get anything done, but this week I've really produced some great results for myself and my business.

It's somewhat based on what's supposed to be a business marketing plan from the book Get Client Now by C. J. Hayden. It's a 28-day marketing plan that holds you accountable for following through on three business goals and one main goal at the end. The plan also is supposed to allow you to have weekends off because you're getting so much done during the week.

I used this plan once before, back in 2004, and I had miraculous results back then also. Why it's taken me so long to get back to it I'll never know, but I'm glad I have. However, I had to pad my bet just a little bit. One of my daily goals was to plan my work day every day. That's exactly what I've been doing, using my Palm scheduler, complete with alarms, to schedule my time. I also built in my lunch and break times, since I tend to skip lunch and, well, it just seemed like a smart idea to schedule some break time in during the day because, when I'm in my home office, my mind tends to wander. So, by building that time in, I knew I could concentrate on my tasks at hand because my alarm would go off letting me know when it was time for the next thing.

It's pretty amazing how things have worked for me this week. I've found a way to increase my income, revamped one of my websites, and started on a second income generating thing. I even made a business call that's gotten me an appointment in two weeks that could turn into something nice.

Sometimes, we need to schedule our lives so we can have a life. Interesting concept, for sure.