(originally published May 9th, 2005)

I just wrote a letter to a friend of mine who says she’s tired, and can’t find the time to do what she wants to do. Here’s a little bit of my response:

There’s this thing about time; we never have enough. Sometimes there may be enough, but we’re not in the mood to use it wisely, or maybe we’re just tired and don’t feel like it. We all go through that; even me. But if we want to progress, move forward so to speak, we must attempt to do at least a little bit here and there, select what’s important enough to devote time to, and try to get to the rest when we have a chance.

I’m traveling, write my two newsletters and write in my blog. I’m still working on my detective story, need to start another book with this friend of mine, am still writing a second story with another friend of mine, purchased another domain name for another website I want to start up, am reading two books, and have tons of email and online networking I still need to do.

Yeah, I’m tired; but I do my bit, lay down and rest, read, come back and do my bit,… etc. Eyes on the prize, so to speak. I want to be rich and successful; I want to keep in touch with my friends; I want to keep in touch with people who may end up helping me get national business of some sort, and help them as much as possible also. Just have to have something you want at the end of the journey, and that helps you to spark yourself in some way.

We all do get tired from time to time. But if we fall into the trap of giving in to that tiredness, which is usually more mental than physical, it’s like the concept of the dark side of the force taking control of your life. That’s a fate I never want to say I gave in to.