First, the latest issue of the T. T. Mitchell Consulting newsletter, Dealing With Know-It-Alls, is available.

Next, the heading is an interesting question. Truthfully, I don't watch Fox News. The only time I did was on September 11, 2001, when I kept switching around to different news channels looking for more information on what was going on. I turned myself off Fox News pretty much after that because, well, if there's any news channel that actually leans one way politically, without fairness, it's Fox News.

Sure, I've read where most people believe the media in general is biased towards the left, or is fairly liberal, but I've never bought that. All the other outlets seem to have commentators come on a show that counter each other's points of views, and the moderators are tough on both sides. I can't say that I've seen Fox do the opposite because, as I said before, I don't watch the channel.

However, I came across this little video on another blog, Electronic Village, that I just wanted to share with everyone. The commentators here say some pretty negative and incorrect things about Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, and this video shows those comments, then shows the truth. I'd normally have just posted a link and have you go there, but his site loads pretty slowly for some reason, and I didn't want you to leave without seeing it. So, here goes; you make up your own mind: