There have been some amazing transactions over the past couple of days from our president-elect, Barack Obama. They're unprecedented in history because he's doing some things now, before he's even taken the job of president of the United States, that no other president-elect in history has done.

For instance, within a couple of days of his winning the election, he had already named his first member of the cabinet. Then some days later, he held his first press conference, not to talk about winning the election, not to introduce anyone, but to talk about the financial crisis we're going through now, and even took questions. This was after visiting President Bush at the White House; amazing stuff.

Earlier this week, he held another press conference, where he introduced his new financial team. They haven't even taken office yet, but suddenly the stock market had its highest two day increase in history, and this was after falling to levels the market hadn't been to since 1983.

Frankly, this is impressive, and a little bit scary when one realizes that we already have a president who's still in place. The press conference President Bush had afterwards didn't come close to generating the kind of publicity that Obama's press conferences generated; just amazing stuff.

Is this the new face of leadership? Does someone really just grab the reins and run with them, even before they've got the job? Can anyone else point to a place in history where something like this has occurred, either in politics or in some other industry?

Truthfully, I've gone into consulting assignments and been asked to either take over, or asked for help, which in essence allows me to take over. But I was asked; I have never assumed a leadership position without the express permission of someone else. Is it possible that President Bush and Barack Obama have talked, and even the president realizes that it's time to take the pressure off himself and allow his replacement to make his statement now, in hopes of helping the country?

I'm not sure what I believe, but I will say this. I'm amazed at what I'm seeing so far, and if President-Elect Obama can be this strong before he's even assumed the office, we could be seeing the second coming of Franklin Roosevelt. And I must say, there's nothing wrong with that.